Using Data to Drive Physician Behavior and Advance Value-Based Care

Zack Caplan, VP of Provider Network & Strategy is featured on Healthscape, a podcast hosted by The Healthcare Community at Kellogg. He...
Zack Caplan

Medicaid Redetermination: How Payors and Providers can collaborate to mitigate disruption

What is Medicaid Redetermination, why is it happening, and when does it take place? Medicaid redetermination is the process of reviewing an...
Ryan Liefer

How to Successfully Engage ACOs and Affiliate Networks to Unleash Economic Value

RECORDED WEBINAR Implementing a successful value-based care arrangement can be challenging, particularly when working with ACOs and affiliated provider networks. Organizations need...
Stellar Health

Healthcare workers are leaving the profession in droves. Here’s how you can ensure staff retention in a Value-Based Care reality

As the industry moves deeper into value-based payment models and takes accountability for the health of populations, primary care is serving as...
Tejas Singh

What is your organization doing to improve risk adjustment accuracy?

CMS recently released results of the 2019 and 2022 RADV audits, to ensure that actuarial risk was reflected in transfers and that...
Luke Berndt