Stellar Health (Stellar), a healthcare technology company focused on empowering care teams to be successful in value-based care, announced today an expansion of their partnership with UNC Health Alliance, UNC Health’s physician-led clinically integrated network and population health services organization.

Stellar announced a pilot program in 2022 to help UNC Health Alliance accelerate new payment and care delivery models for 10 of their network’s independent practices in North Carolina. After sustained success over the course of the pilot, UNC Health Alliance will be extending the use of Stellar’s platform to their full independent provider network.

“The expansion of Stellar to hundreds of independent primary care practices across the UNC Health Alliance network is a game-changer,” said Ray Coppedge, Vice President of Business Development and Performance Management at UNC Health Alliance. “By leveraging Stellar Health’s solution, we have the exciting potential to bring new products and opportunities to our independent practices. This expansion opens doors for new partnerships with payers, allowing us to achieve a higher level of success in healthy-based care.”

Designed to improve health outcomes, Stellar’s modern-tech, cloud-based, point-of-care platform leverages historical patient information to prompt primary care providers and their care teams with Healthy Action recommendations within their daily workflow. Stellar will support UNC Health Alliance to offer real-time incentives tied to the completion of these Healthy Actions, rewarding providers and care team members for going above and beyond to deliver exceptional care for patients.

“Stellar and UNC Health Alliance share in the mission to simplify the delivery of value-based care,” added Zack Caplan, Vice President at Stellar Health. “Primary Care Providers are bombarded these days with contract options from multiple competing networks. Stellar and UNC Health Alliance’s combined offering creates a uniquely simple option that transparently and fairly rewards providers and care teams for delivering excellent patient care.”

The partnership aims to make new payment models fair, sustainable, and attractive for UNC Health Alliance’s care teams with the express purpose of improving quality of care. “We are incredibly thankful to our practices and care teams for their hard work and dedication,” said Helen Rinaldi, System Executive Director, Network Management and Operations at UNC Health Alliance. “Through Stellar’s platform, we can see the real-time results that our outstanding physicians and APPs achieve which drive positive patient outcomes. With its simple checklist of recommended clinical actions and nimble workflow, practices and care teams have adapted quickly to Stellar’s application. This solution will further enhance care teams’ satisfaction and contribute to the overall growth of our network.”

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