Stellar expands their presence in Minnesota by partnering with a large FQHC to focus on health equity and quality care for patients with all types of coverage

NEW YORKSept. 29, 2022

Stellar Health (Stellar), a healthcare technology company focused on activating value-based arrangements, announced today a partnership with Minnesota Community Care, the state’s largest federally qualified health center, to drive value-based care initiatives within their clinics. Minnesota Community Care has been a safety-net health care provider for marginalized and underserved communities since 1969. The health center provides full-service health care across a total of 19 clinics, serving more than 10,000 patients.

“We’re excited to kick off our partnership with Stellar Health to help drive value-based performance within our clinics, focusing on our Original Medicare population” said Reuben Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Minnesota Community Care. “Introducing value-based arrangements to our FQHC clinics demonstrates our commitment to advancing care practices and delivery, while simultaneously providing better quality care to our community. We are excited to expand this model across all our payor contracts.”

Designed to improve health outcomes, Stellar’s web-based, point-of-care platform leverages historical patient information to prompt primary care providers and their care teams with granular action recommendations within their daily workflow. Starting with Minnesota Community Care’s Original Medicare population, but quickly expanding to their other lines of business across Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial, Stellar will support Minnesota Community Care by offering real-time incentives tied to the completion of these high-value actions. Providers and care team members within their network are rewarded for going above and beyond to deliver exceptional care to thousands of patients.

“Minnesota Community Care has demonstrated their commitment to the community and leading change,” said Kendra Wright, who leads Stellar’s provider network in Minnesota. “This new partnership focuses on driving health equity and aims to support Minnesota Community Care as they continue to take a holistic approach to closing gaps in care.”

“Partnering with FQHCs, particularly those that are so entrenched in their communities and trusted by their patients, helps us deliver better primary care to those areas and support better health outcomes,” said Michael Meng, CEO of Stellar Health. “Our collaboration with Minnesota Community Care is exactly what brings the Stellar Health mission to life: making healthcare fair for clinicians, their teams, and patients in every community.”

Providers that are interested in earning timely rewards for engaging in value-based care initiatives can contact the Stellar Health team at

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