Achieve success in
value-based care

Empowering providers and practices to deliver high-quality care through real-time notifications and meaningful incentives.
Who We Work With

Enabling provider and care team success in value-based care

We partner with both payors and providers to develop a tailored incentive program to reward the completion of granular value-based care actions. The Stellar Health Platform includes the web-based Stellar Application, which delivers a simple checklist of recommended clinical actions to practices based on each patient's medical history.
Stellar Health partners with payors to:
  • Engage the unengaged and under-performing providers in quality and cost of care incentive programs
  • Help provider groups perform in value-based contracts and evolve to take on more risk
  • Evolve providers to transition to risk-based contracts

Stellar Health activates value-based metrics at the point of care and rewards providers and their full care team for completing these activities in real time. Through workflow transformation, Stellar aids providers to perform in value-based arrangements and take on more risk.
Groups Considering Risk
For providers first considering risk-based contracts but without the capital to invest in extra infrastructure, Stellar Health convinces payors to offer upfront capital, free technology, and support to get medical groups on the path to more advanced contracts.
Groups with Shared Savings
For providers who have some performance-based incentives in their contract, Stellar Health works with payors to front these performance bonuses to fund improved overall contract performance.
Full Risk Medical Groups
For providers who have capitated arrangements, Stellar Health engages physicians and care teams at the point of care to realize coding, quality, and total cost of care improvements that drive surplus.
Providers and Care Teams
For practicing physicians, Stellar Health gets practices paid in real time from health plans for value-based activities that have not been historically reimbursed.

The Stellar Health Platform

We offer a suite of services that includes the Stellar Application (the “App”), the Stellar Incentive Payment Program, provider practice engagement and performance through business intelligence and analytics, and on-the-ground implementation and practice activation.
The Stellar
Health Platform
A web-based, point-of-care tool that is simple and easy to use. With an incentive structure that promotes completion of granular actions, as well as a seamless user interface, practices are motivated to use the App to manage their patients.
The financial reporting and accountability, real-time payments, and value-based fee schedule that comes with our platform.
Our platform can track practice performance in real time and takes a deep dive into key metrics that drive success in value-based care. The Stellar Application usage creates new data and allows our team to run analytics on provider engagement, workflow, and performance management.
We provide all clients with a smooth onboarding and implementation process, regular check-ins for practice adoption, and ongoing support for value-based performance improvement.


This certification validates that we are committed to meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information for our customers.

Our Results

improvement in Stars in just 6 months with a large national payor
Health Systems & Provider Networks
in surplus generated for a large health system, supported by Stellar
Practicing Physicians
average take home pay, on top of the typical reimbursement for providers


  • Growing and expanding with payors and providers in all states
  • 745K managed lives on the Stellar Application
  • 70+ collaborations across 20 states
Stellar Health's system and team have helped our ACO integrate physicians and their office staff more closely, making our patients top of mind and resulting in an impactful win. Vytalize and Stellar are aligned, and we remain excited to continue improving our performance with their guidance."
Faris Ghawi
Co-Founder and CEO, Vytalize Health