Stellar continues to build presence in Minnesota market, driving adoption of VBC initiatives to improve health outcomes and lower costs

NEW YORKNov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Stellar Health (Stellar), a healthcare technology company focused on changing the way payors and providers perform value-based care (VBC), announced today a partnership with North Collaborative Care (NCC), one of the largest accountable care organizations (ACO) in Minnesota, to expand VBC initiatives within their clinics. NCC is a physician-led organization designed to leverage provider partners in the delivery of coordinated, high-quality, low-cost care. The collaboration will span the course of four years and will add more than 170 providers across four NCC clinics to Stellar’s platform, which uses technology, behavioral economics, and monthly payments for value-based actions in an innovative solution to advance the quality of care delivered.

Stellar’s web-based, cloud-native, point-of-care platform leverages historical patient information to prompt primary care providers and their care teams with granular action recommendations within their daily workflow to improve patient outcomes. Stellar will support NCC to offer real-time incentives tied to the completion of these high-value actions, rewarding specific providers and care team members within their ACO that are going above and beyond to deliver exceptional patient care to over 18,000 patients across Medicare and Medicaid lines of business. The partnership aligns with the core of Stellar’s mission, to empower primary care practices to deliver value-based care that is payor-agnostic and always keep the patient top of mind.

“We’re incredibly proud to serve patients with all types of coverage, particularly Medicaid,” said Michael Meng, CEO of Stellar Health. “Our mission to improve the quality-of-care and affordability of healthcare matters the most for a population with the largest health disparities.”

NCC ACO expects a high level of adoption and engagement amongst providers and care teams across participating clinics. “Partnering with Stellar means putting actionable information in the hands of our providers and their teams to benefit our customers,” said Dr. Carolyn Ogland, President of the NCC and Chair of the NCC Board of Directors. “Using this technology, we give our team members a critical advantage in delivering tailored care to our community.”

Through the collaborative value-based program, providers can earn a few extra thousand dollars per month on top of their existing reimbursements for completing actions within Stellar’s platform and even staff can earn hundreds per month. “We are really excited to have NCC using the Stellar tool,” said a representative from a participating provider. “This will provide clear opportunities to close gaps in care.”

Stellar and NCC have made this program available for all providers within their network looking to drive performance and earn additional revenue for completing value-based activities and are constantly on the lookout for new providers to participate. “We believe that the providers and their staff are the ones that really care about value-based care on a regular basis,” said Mr. Meng, “We want to make sure they are adequately rewarded for taking the time to provide quality care for their patients.”

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