Independent Primary Care Providers Will Gain Access to Stellar Health’s Value-Based Care Platform

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Minnesota Healthcare Network (“MHN”) and Stellar Health (“Stellar”) announced a new partnership to accelerate the transition to value-based payment that will focus on quality of care, lowering costs, and improving patient health outcomes across all lines of business (Medicare Advantage, Commercial, and Medicaid). Minnesota Healthcare Network, an Independent Physician Association (“IPA”) comprised of over 47 clinics and 450+ primary care physicians located throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin will bring Stellar’s value-based care (“VBC”) platform to MHN’s independent primary care providers.

The collaboration includes a large, single state not-for-profit health plan in Minnesota that will provide funding for MHN to utilize Stellar’s platform. Stellar, an innovative value-based care company, activates VBC by translating value-based metrics to meaningful and granular workflow steps for the end users such as, physicians, practice managers, and medical assistants.

In 2018, MHN and several other large independent physician practices launched a strategy known as Super G Health (“the Super Group”). A key strategy of Super G Health is to align incentives between provider practices and health plans. The adoption of this strategy helped form this collaboration.

“This collaboration aligns with our payor partner’s goal to improve the sustainability of health care through innovative payment models that reward quality health outcomes and best practices instead of only being reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis,” said Tom Lorentzen, CEO of MHN. “The partnership will provide MHN’s independent practices the necessary resources to become more financially resilient, while continuing to provide exceptional care for patients.”

“Stellar is excited to be the value-based platform of choice for MHN and for our collaboration with a large, single state not-for-profit health plan in Minnesota,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Stellar Health, Michael Meng. “Stellar will provide MHN’s independent practices granular recommendations that are informed by data-driven insights and best practices.”

The Stellar platform provides value-based compensation to health care practitioners upon completion of appropriate care coordination activities with real-time rewards being delivered as VBC work is completed. The completion of these actions by providers and their practice staff lead to better health outcomes.

“Best-in-class care coordination takes a significant amount of time and budget that many of our small, independent practices don’t always have. As a result of this collaboration, our practices will be equipped with the tools needed to deliver even better value to our patients, while being rewarded financially for making the most appropriate and informed decisions possible,” said Tom Lorentzen, CEO of MHN. “We are thrilled to work with Stellar in a payor agnostic manner, which will enable the MHN providers to focus on delivery of high-quality care. Stellar simplifies VBC across payors for scalable practice workflow, so we don’t have to worry about the programmatic differences from payor to payor.”

“Independent physicians are spearheading the movement to value-based care and play a crucial role in bettering patient health outcomes,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Stellar Health, Michael Meng. “We have worked to create a platform that MHN’s independent providers can use across all payors to achieve success in value-based arrangements.”

The transition to VBC has become increasingly important as health care costs continue to rise. Value-based delivery is the foundation for improving care and reducing costs. The partnership between MHN and Stellar will involve deploying the Stellar platform across 450+ independent providers in MHN’s network.

About Minnesota Healthcare Network: Minnesota Healthcare Network (“MHN”) is a physician-directed primary care network committed to promoting, advancing, and empowering primary care physicians while assuring that their patients receive the highest quality and the appropriate health care services they deserve. MHN has 450+ physicians practicing across over 47 primary care clinics representing family practice, pediatrics, and internal medicine. Their primary care clinics are strategically positioned throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you would like more information, please contact MHN at or visit their website at

About Stellar Health: Stellar Health (“Stellar”) is a point-of-care, cloud-based platform that activates primary care providers to achieve value-based care (“VBC”) goals that improve patient outcomes, such as improving quality scores and optimizing the patient care journey through transitions of care and high-value referrals. The Stellar platform helps primary care providers continually engage with their patients by providing them real-time information and tangible action-based incentives for improving quality of care. Stellar Health’s mission is to enable all providers to engage and succeed in VBC by bridging the incentive gap between providers and payors. If you would like more information, please contact Stellar Health at or visit their website at

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