Supercharging Value-Based Care

Help Small Practices Improve Quality & MLR

Stellar Health has helped managed care payers improve Medical Loss Ratio by 10% and increase Quality Scores by 2 Stars. Our platform facilitates low-cost, direct engagement of low-volume primary care providers. We enable payers to influence priorities and ensure specific tasks are completed at point-of-care and documented appropriately.

Activate low-volume practices

We solve your “long-tail ROI” problem by improving performance of your many small, low-volume practices

Optimize management fees

Rather than paying arbitrarily, we enable you to set priorities and only pay providers that actually complete your designated tasks

Share risk with providers

We have helped thousands of struggling providers evolve into efficient risk-sharing arrangements in under 18-months


A stellar solution to create profitable, high-quality care.


How can payers, providers and patients benefit from better aligned incentives?

Learn about how Stellar Health’s Enhanced Provider Engagement Model rewards providers for their work, increases scores for payers, and keeps patients healthier.


The government gives money to payers to cover medical services for senior citizens throughout the year.

From $10k to $20k depending on how “sick” each patient is. Stellar ensures that payers receive the appropriate funding per patient.


Payers cover bills received from PCPs, specialists, pharma and hospitals as patients consume services

Stellar re-directs more money to primary care providers, which keeps people healthier and out of hospitals, thus reducing the total cost of care.


At the end of the year, payers have depleted most funds to cover services, but retain leftovers as profit.

Stellar increases profit for payers and primary care providers, while reducing the funds paid out to hospitals. Patients stay healthier.

Partner with Stellar Health and improve financial and quality performance of your low-volume practices, guaranteed.
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Our Clients Are Satisfied

"Stellar is a unique platform that has directly contributed to our population health success. Their approach to provider incentives and plan/provider inter-connectivity is highly effective."

- VP Network Strategy and Ops at East Coast regional payer

"If you think about all the layers between the provider and the health plans they’re serving, you get a paralysis by analysis. Stellar makes it feel like we have a fighting chance, while also improving care for our patients."

- Mike Supino, CEO Midland Medical Group

"Wouldn’t it be great if your electronic health record didn’t just passively absorb information and time, but instead actively alerted you to incomplete preventative screenings and other care opportunities? Stellar Health does just that."

- Dr. Noah Rosenberg, Associate Chief Medical Officer at Steward Health