Leaders in value-based care

Activate your providers and increase bonuses.

Stellar Health partners with Independent Physician Associations (IPA), Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN), Managed Service Organizations (MSO), and Health Systems to drive over a 50% increase in management bonuses tied directly to quality and efficiency scores. The Stellar Health platform alerts providers with value-based care actions and rewards them with meaningful incentives in real time.

Earn higher bonuses

We ease your burden to consistently earn shared savings or quality bonuses by identifying the highest value actions and incentivizing your providers.

Easily activate providers

Activating your providers does not have to be so hard; we enable you to push priorities to your network through Stellar’s centralized value-based care platform.

Simplify execution

Designed to work across different staffing models, practice workflows, and office dynamics, the Stellar platform displays value-based actions at a granular level and notifies providers in real time.

Partner with Stellar Health to engage your network and improve their value-based care performance.
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Stellar Testimonials

"Stellar is a unique platform that has directly contributed to our population health success. Their approach to provider incentives and plan/provider interconnectivity is highly effective."


"Wouldn’t it be great if your electronic health record didn’t just passively absorb information and time, but instead actively alerted you to incomplete preventative screenings and other care opportunities? Stellar Health does just that."

- DR. NOAH ROSENBERG, Chief Medical Officer at Employer Direct Healthcare

"If you think about all the layers between the provider and the health plans they are serving, you get paralysis by analysis. Stellar makes it feel like we have a fighting chance, while also improving care for our patients."


"Stellar helped us catch a patient with COPD who had been unmanaged for multiple years. We did spirometry that day, and got the patient started on treatment for COPD. Stellar provides friendly reminders throughout a busy day."

- DR. NOAH LEE, Internal Medicine Physician

"During my time at CMS, I strove to make fundamental changes to the Medicare Advantage program that has accelerated in growth over the past few years. Payors have started to commit to value-based care models, which starts with a product like Stellar Health. Stellar Health is the best quality incentive and physician engagement program on the market. Stellar Health allows practices to know where they stand and how they are measured to provide the best care for the patient."

- Jonathan Blum, former Deputy Administrator of CMS

"Stellar Health's system and team have helped our ACO integrate physicians and their office staff more closely, making our patients top of mind and resulting in an impactful win. Together we are aligned with Stellar and remain excited to continue improving our performance with their guidance."

- Faris Ghawi, Co-Founder and CEO of Vytalize Health